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Tax gap remains low

04 Jul 2019

HMRC has published a report showing that the UK tax gap in 2017/18.

Preparing the workforce for EU Exit

04 Jul 2019

Over two thirds of EU citizens that are currently in the UK are here for work.

MTD for VAT latest

04 Jul 2019

HMRC is phasing in its landmark Making Tax Digital (MTD) regime, which will ultimately require taxpayers to move to a fully digital tax system.

Employer Bulletin - latest guidance

04 Jul 2019

HMRC has issued the June 2019 edition of the Employer Bulletin.

New measures to ensure small businesses get paid on time

04 Jul 2019

The government has announced a package of measures to ensure small businesses get paid on time.

Payment on account confusion

04 Jul 2019

Under self assessment taxpayers are required to make payments on account of their tax liabilities.

UK Investment Support Directory

04 Jul 2019

International investors who wish to set up and expand their operations in the UK can now benefit from an online tool launched by the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Consultation on the operation of Insurance Premium Tax

04 Jul 2019

HMRC has launched a consultation to review the extent to which the emerging practices are leading to 'unfair tax outcomes' in the administration and collection of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

OTS calls for simplifying everyday tax for smaller businesses

04 Jun 2019

A report by the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) calls on the government to prioritise action to 'address long-standing concerns about the experience of smaller businesses'.

HMRC taskforce tackles dishonest dog breeders

04 Jun 2019

A taskforce has recovered more than £5 million by tackling dishonest dog breeders selling pups on the black market.

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